1.Enterprise culture

Combining comfort and style with premium leathers, our range of irresistible women’s footwear is available in a variety of sizes and width options. From the iconic selection of Hotter Originals, to lightweight and cushioned everyday essentials, slip your feet into the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear.


Find your perfect pair in our latest collection of smart, stylish and ultra-comfy women’s shoes. Whether it’s work shoes you’re looking for, shoes for casual days or smart heels for those special occasions there’s something to suit you. And with every pair crafted from the highest quality leathers, suedes and nubucks our women’s shoes look amazing, feel fantastic and will continue to look great season after season.


Every pair of our women’s shoes is designed to give you the perfect fit every time thanks to adjustability features like long laces and wiggle room for toes to half sizes and additional width options. Our women’s shoes are available in size35-40 with selected styles in an extra wide width and EEE fit. If you need further help and advice finding your perfect Hotter fit, please refer to our online fitting guide or call us to speak to one of our personal shoppers.

2:Product Special Process Advantages

Factory adhere to the people-oriented, environmental protection production concept, always adhere to the idea of using double stitching subversion technology, strictly choose good quality real cowhide material, after nine refined shoemaking process, produce each a pair of comfortable and healthy high-end brand shoes.

STEP 01/Shoe last production and design.

Against the popular trend of each year, our development and design staff will be in accordance with the company’s experience as a comfortable casual shoes and was introduced by the international big brand shoes make ergonomic type here, and the existing big customer to discuss the quarter or every season need to develop board face, to meet the requirement of market and the public. We make the standard for the last type to be comfortable and healthy, beautiful and easy to pursue the fashion, but also can make the consumers have intimate feelin

STEP 02/ Skin and selection of upper crust

Up the finest cowhide leather after the whole machine and each measurement size and to pull the whole piece cowhide, wear-resisting, thickness and other routine test to ensure production process stable quality, at the same time will natural leather, leather skin scar do identification process to avoid the appearance of the materials used in the main part.

STEP 03/ leather manual and machine cutting.

After inspection of leather before cutting rank partition by experienced chefs around the foot of grain matching, to maximize the utilization of leather, for normal skin grain skin scar parts try to choose, the waist is used, every component of the shoes immediately after cutting matching, so that each pair of shoes in the process of production does not match to a minimum.


STEP 04/ vamp adhesion and sewn

The vamp use a very small amount of glue as the glue and then the sewing, so the production process is very environmentally friendly. The vamp is made of high quality wax mark thread after perforating, making the process smoother, the line more beautiful, waterproof, mildew proof and broken.


STEP 05/ The research and development of the sewn and traditional Chinese medicine insoles.

As a carrier for shoes and feet on legs have played a role in decisions on the wearing comfort, the use of special material as our shoes sewing breathable and pigskin shoes material, increase the comfort and durability, for everyone tried foot customers fondle admiringly. Company in 2016, is developed which has the function of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shoes, our shoes toward the health industry development, and access to national patents, improve the sci-tech contents in footwear products, had played a decisive role for the company’s transformation.

STEP 06/ upper and bottom laminated sewing machine.

Varus shoes, as the name implies, it is upper and sole stitching together, increase the softness and comfort of the shoes, a good coating effect on foot, in the process of stitching sole and shoe surface shall be accurate, otherwise the shoes will be the zou produce high defective rate, this needs long time accumulation of production experience.

STEP 07/ set here

Fixed inside shoes, shoe last mouth shoe seat is essential, in the back of the shoes in the process of production were fixed on the shoe last, make sure the shoes don’t drift deformation, the location the process one of the key link, the shoe is not smooth cannot be posted here or skew, all need to do adjustment in the station, to ensure the quality.

STEP 08/ hot setting

First at 100 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ heat styling to soften leather shoes and make it better with shoe last type here, after the step sequence production step.

STEP 09/ after hammer shaping

After the heat is finalized, the shoe passes through the experienced master to handle the hammer immediately, because after the heat finalizes the leather material to appear to soften, the master can easily make the leather material according to the last shape to make level.


After heat styling and a hammer after two processes, shoes into the cold to finalize the design process, it is also a step in the production of shoe last Zou, after – 10 ℃ ~ ~ 20 ℃ cooling characteristics of leather back to the original state of flexible, after the last removing shoes finished product output.

My production of healthy recreational shoe in the footwear industry has won high praise, every step is a step process our brainchild, in adhere to the “double stitched overturn the traditional craft” comfortable, healthy at the same time make our concept, the shoes produced by our goal more accord with human nature.

3:patent authentication obtained

After 15 years of hard work, several national patent certificates have been obtained in the process of shoe making and shoe making, and good reputation has been gained in the shoe industry, such as

automatic shoe warp warpage system /

varus shoes special processing and processing system /

insole automatic control system /

health massage insole and making methods/

and so on.


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